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Traveler Reviews of East Side Campground

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BEWARE - Owner of this campground THOM is terrible, he will tell one thing and then change his mind and will start to charge you for it. There is no contract for seasonal campers so it is by word of mouth only - NEVER TRUST THAT. This was the worst campground we have stayed at for over 15 years as a seasonal camper. Spend your money somewhere else.


This is an awesome campground with a very nice location in rural Birchwood. The grounds are kept up so nicely and it is surrounded by many beautiful trees. Everyone there is so friendly and helpful. I needed a heater in my camper one night because the temperature was dropping and my furnace wasn't keeping up and the owner Thom even let me borrow a portable heater to keep warm. I would recommend this place to anybody that enjoys getting away to a nice place (that doesn't have 8 million people running around) that you can really sit back and enjoy the nature and the friendly people that stay here!! I am excited for this spring/summer to get here so I can go there again!!!


Mr Roger Chadlick wrote this review. Two seasons ago we had to ask him to leave for NON payment. We turned him into collections. This was his way of getting back at us. Roger and Family also did not get along very well with our other guest. Many have been with us for years and are still there. Drive in some day and ask the guest about Roger.
On one occasion two Summers ago Roger put two campers on one site and had over twenty people there. The site was designed for One unit only and 6 people max.
Thank You for letting me clarify this!!! Thom.

Awesome time!

My family and I totally enjoyed our stays at this campsite and can't believe anyone would have negative things to say about the place or the owners!We've had nothing but wonderful visits enjoying the beauty and peacefulness of the place. It a chance to relax and enjoy life in a setting that is like camping the way it was in the past! Can hardly wait for our next visit!

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East Side Campground

Address of East Side Campground
P.O. Box 157, Long Lake,
Birchwood, Wisconsin
USA, 54817
Phone of East Side Campground
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